At The Bus Shelter MK we understand sleep is just the beginning and we give far more than a bed for the night. Rebuilding a life takes many steps. It can be almost impossible to get back on the ladder without kindness, a safe place to rest your head, being able to regain your health and having knowledgeable people to help you move on. That's what our guests receive at The Bus Shelter MK.

Andy owned his own building company, but in his late forties he suffered the tragic loss of his partner and a short time later his business failed. His consolation was his two dogs and it meant everything to him to fulfil his promise to his late partner to always look after them.

When he also lost his home, Andy hadn't bargained on how difficult it would be to find other accommodation in Milton Keynes, but time and time again he was blocked by the policy not to take dogs.

Click here to find out more about how The Bus Shelter MK helped Andy find his new home, taking away the overwhelmingly difficult nationwide search for accommodation, asking questions on his behalf and completing the challenging paperwork associated with moving.

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