"This page is designed to help you understand how our programme works and what support we offer our guests.If you are looking to refer yourself or someone else for help then please visit our 'Need help?' page.

Anyone invited to stay on the bus will have a detailed assessment first, designed to understand more about their circumstances.We do not operate a 'cookie cutter' service; homelessness is often complex and there are rarely easy solutions.

Care and support are the most important things we offer.So, once we establish what challenges the individual has, we prepare a plan with them to enable them to successfully move on - and stay off the streets in the future.We know from our experience that there are usually a number of challenges to be resolved, not just one. These might include:

  • Financial problems
  • Mental health challenges
  • Physical health challenges
  • Family or relationship breakdowns
  • Bereavement
  • Loss of work
  • Addiction

Our guests come from a wide variety of backgrounds and after a couple of weeks of sleeping safely and eating nutritious food it may be difficult to tell the guest from the volunteer.We've had guests who have previously had good careers; an F1 engineer, a former bank manager and a pub manager are among those who have come to us for help - perhaps not the perception some people may hold about the homeless. Not all homeless people are addicted to drink and drugs as many people may assume.

Our aim is to work towards resolving any issues, finding each person sustainable work, or setting up the necessary benefits, which will then allow them to move into a sustainable home.It is common at any one time for at least half of our guests to be working."

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